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Are you a YouTuber who wants to expand his horizon
online portfolio by investing in a website? If yes, you’ve come to just the right place.

YouTube Hosting

Are you a YouTuber who wants to expand his horizon and online portfolio by investing in a website? If yes, you’ve come to just the right place. With YouTube Hosting, you are sure to magnify your presence as an online entity and exponentiate your earnings by several folds. Let HostBolt be a partner in this endeavour and make your dreams of going bigger a reality by introducing more ways of people to find you online, aka – a brand new website. Let HostBolt help you sync in all your videos on your website effortlessly, creating multiple access channels for people to find them and watch them online.

Importance of Having A Website

If you are a YouTuber without a website, you are missing out on a lot of potential sales and profit. A website is the best way to widen your audience outreach, attract more visitors towards your channel and expose them to everything that you have to offer. A website is essentially the finest way to magnify and solidify your online presence. Let’s not forget, it is one more way to earn profit through Google Adsense (which is similar to YouTube ads) all the while ensuring more and more people across the globe are able to find you.

Earning 5x More With Google Adsense

Earn as much as 5 times through a website by exploiting the Google Adsense program. All website owners are eligible to join this program wherein sponsors can place their ads on your site and you get paid a certain amount for every click/conversion coming from your site. Our hosting experts will advise you on the best theme/hosting plan that supports ideal placement of Google Ads in a neat and clean manner without slowing down the site. Go ahead and let us help you launch a quality site so you can see those big bucks raining in.

Create Your Own Courses And Sell Online

Are you a mentor, a health coach, or a cook who would like to share his knowledge with the world through his course? Well, a website is the best way to offer the world your course. At HostBolt, our experts will guide you every step of the way until you have your dream course website ready. You can create your course in the form of a dedicated blog, infographics, or an e-book and you can publish/sell it on your website. In addition to having a channel, you can create non-video courses and sell them through your website. Best thing is – if your channel is already successful, redirecting your viewers towards your site should be all the more simple.

Sell Your Merchandise On Your Own eCommerce Store

Got your own goodies like t-shirts or some other cool merchandise to sell? eCommerce is the way to go about it! It’s not uncommon for YouTubers to launch their own merchandise brand and sell it as a way to maximum their earnings and make more profit. But, doing so on YouTube is not possible hence an e-Commerce online store is the only online platform to introduce people to your merchandise and give them a place where they can grab it. We have dedicated hosting solutions aimed at creating best quality e-Commerce stores that are backed with secure payment gateways and themes for appealing product display; basically everything that will make online shopping a pleasing experience for your audiences.

Create An Affiliate Marketing Site

Are you an influencer whose words and suggestions matter a lot to the general public? If yes, then that puts you in a great position to endorse other brands on your site and earn a profit in the process. You can join affiliate marketing plans where in you can promote other brands/products by embedding relevant links to their business your website. The more business your website can generate for the merchant, the more profit you stand to earn. When it comes to online marketing with a website, the possibilities are endless and we here at HostBolt want to make those possibilities real for you. Let us help you get started in the affiliate marketing arena by getting you set up with a quality site to attract well-paying merchants.


Hosting Multiple YouTube Channels In One Place

A website is the best way to centralise all your YouTube channels in one place. You can think of it as an online hub housing all the videos from across all the channels. What’s more, having your content in one place cuts down on the competition from other YouTubers since everything such as auto-place, suggestions, and relevant videos will be themed solely around your content. A website is the best way to expose the audiences to multiple youTube channels you may have. Need more reasons to go for a website?

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Hosting YouTube Live On Your Website​

One of the highlighting features of our YouTube hosting plan is that you get to exploit the option of YouTube Live right from your website. You can connect with people from all over the world in real time by going live and interact with them. You can secure more audience by connecting with them, answering their questions and initially a dialogue. Hosting YouTube Live on your website is an excellent reason to invest in a website and go for hosting solutions. If you have any questions, our experts are here at HostBolt to answer any and all questions you may have about YouTube hosting and how you can sync your channel with your site.

Send Out Newsletters To Market Your Products and Videos

At HostBolt, we are all about empowering our clients maximise their outreach. To that end, we have powerful web hosting solutions with significant provisions for newsletter management. As the single most powerful marketing and outreach tool, you can connect with your fans and reach target audiences exactly where they are – in their INBOXES. You want to grow bigger the day, don’t you? So, get ready to sent interesting newsletters featuring your products and interesting videos to sell more and grow more.

Conduct Webinars

​Get the freedom to conduct your own personalised web casts or online seminars aka webinars. Schedule such events as per your convenience and invite people from around the globe to join in. Educate them on your favourite topics – all with the power of a website and quality web hosting from HostBolt. Save your webinars for future references on your website for people to access.

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