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Adsense Optimised Hosting

Is your blog or WordPress website optimised for Google Adsense? If not, contact us right away and we will make things right by you. Let us make the process of giving your site a makeover effortless.

Simply going for an AdSense program is not enough. You website should support your efforts not work against it. If you are still wondering what exactly is a Google AdSense optimised site or are not clear on it, then let us break it down for you -Basically a site or theme that is optimised for Adsense will have a balance between the placement of content and the adverts that will appear on it. It does so in the manner that adverts do not slow down the site’s loading speed and the content on your site still remains the true King; thus giving you the best of both worlds.

Our hosting solutions encompass quality themes – the kind that know exactly how many adverts to place on a page ideally so you are saved from the daunting task of figuring it out on your own. By joining hands with HostBolt hosting solutions, you get a promise for a fully AdSense optimised website that promises to load within 3 seconds. No compromises on the website speed department is our assurance so you don’t lose on your valuable visitors.

PWA(Progressive Web Apps) and AMP for a Fast Loading Website

The recipe to becoming a successful blogger is to have a successful website and the recipe to a successful site is to make sure it’s a fast loading one – particularly on a mobile device. To that end, here at HostBolt, we take all measures possible to ensure that your customers have the smoothest possible browsing experience; part of which is geared at making it a quick loading site. To that end, we implement the Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP framework. Basically, it ensures the browsers will load a stripped down, lightweight HTML version of the web pag so you it loads more quickly. That’s not it.

Continuing our efforts to build fastest loading websites, we also include PWA or Progressive Web Apps support in our service package. PWA further ensures the load time is accelerated by trying to load the cached version of the web page from the server. We guarantee a 3-second loading time for every single web page on your site.

Affiliate Marketing Automated

A large percentage of bloggers earn their revenue through the affiliate marketing. Having your own blogging site that has all the right features down the hatch and quality content is your best asset as a blogger which is sure to work wonders in helping you rain in big bucks. Let us help you build that asset.

The experts at HostBolt can guide you through the process of how to get started with affiliate marketing, the prerequisites to look for in a website, the associated SEO implications, and all the other technical ingredients that form the recipe to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. You vision combined with our technical expertise is just what you need to start earning big revenues.

Newsletter Management

Newsletter management has been, and continues to remain a big factor in securing a strong online presence, outreaching a bigger audiences and most importantly staying relevant in the online landscape. We cannot emphasise on the importance of having right plugins on your website for conducting a successful marketing campaign. It so happens that our managed WordPress hosting solutions come equipped with the right newsletter management platforms and plugins so you can send out promotional marketing campaigns, redirect customers to your website, and secure a bigger online marketshare for yourself.

Sending out weekly newsletter featuring your best works, carrying product details, major announcements, launches, etc. is sure to be a cakewalk with HostBolt.

Malware prevention and removal by experts

At HostBolt, customer safety is our biggest priority. That is why, we have undertaken all necessary preventive measures to make sure your website is fully proofed against all kinds of malicious activities and online threats that site owners often run into. We have a dedicated team of customer support executives who are available day in day out at your disposable, should you ever encounter such a problem. We have deployed proper security measures that promise you and your website’s data remains tightly secure.

Security for website with hack prevention.

All our servers are powered with BitNinja security which promises encryption of data to seal it off against the whole spectrum of potential threats; particularly those involving hacking. At HostBolt, we never make any compromises when it comes to the security of your website. Rest assured we have dedicated experts working on the backend taking care of your website’s health and safety so you can stay worry-free at all times.

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