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Enjoy dedicated resources and 3x faster hosting with cloud hosting while our experts take care of backend work.

Managed Dedicated Server Solutions

We are the industry leaders when it comes to Managed Dedicated Server Solutions. Send in a request for a server and we will have it processed at the earliest.
Some of the highlights of our dedicated hosting solutions is that you get to interact with the most amazing support team ever. The service is available for both Windows and Linux. What’s more, you get access to round the clock ServerSecure hardening and Proactive Sonar Monitoring.

Choose from dual/single processor servers with the option to go with fully managed, core managed, and self-managed plans to get the maximum bang for your buck.

Every Dedicated Server Includes:

  • Standard DDoS Protection
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Backup Drive
  • cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available
  • IPMI Access
  • Root Access
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Business-grade SSD Storage
  • 100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs

Our Best Dedicated Hosting Plans

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Uninterrupted Network For Your Workload Needs

Fueled with 29 Internet Exchanges and 43 presence points around the globe, HostBolt server networks are capable of delivering unsurpassed connectivity, lightning fast speed and enormous bandwidth capacity for all kinds of workload requirements.

ISO certified Data Centers

All our data centers are top-tier carrying ISO certification that we have strategically placed all around the globe. This way we have made sure businesses operating from key business areas in Asia, USA, and Europe get prime access to our service. All our data centers boast of highest specifications across security, reliability and blazing performance.


Hostbolt takes great pride in letting our customers take the driver seat when it comes to controlling the environment they want for their site. With full featured APIs and a customer portal that’s super easy to navigate - you get to set things up exactly the way you want. Now take complete control over every single aspect of infrastructure

Certifications and Quality Assurance Reports

We are tied up with independent 3rd party auditors who regularly monitor our processes and systems to see if they are compliant with the latest industry standards and quality constraints. We have earned all relevant certifications and assurance reports so you can have peace of mind and a quality assurance.

Cloud Sites FAQs

In dedicated server hosting, you are allocated an entire server for your site. With this type of hosting, you get to enjoy complete and 100% control over your site. What’s more, since yours is the only site hosted on the server, there is no interruption from other sites which is always a possibility in shared hosting. Dedicated server hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. But, for websites that receive a lot of traffic, having a dedicated server is ideal. As a dedicated server user, you can log in to it just like you do in a personal computer. Upon logging in, you can configure and install the software as per your preferences.

Dedicated hosting comes with myriad benefits some of which are –

You don’t have to share server resources with anyone
Unlike shared hosting, you don’t have to fear other neighbouring sites consuming server RAM, CPU, etc. You don’t have to worry about a bad script running on some other site slowing down server speed. You get to deploy all the resources for your site.

Better performance and enhanced security.

Dedicated server hosting is ideal for sites with heavy traffic since it guarantees maximum utime and a speedy site. You get to enjoy more stability with no exposure to malicious activities.

Unique IP address

Dedicated hosting gives you a unique IP address which is not the case in shared hosting. This feature might be particularly important to you if you run a large scale ecommerce site which requires SSL for the processing of credit cards.


In shared hosting, you may get certain software that you don’t need while some software that you do need may be missing. With a dedicated server, you can create a custom server environment wherein you get exactly those resources and software that you truly need.

Availability – A cloud server always remains available. You will never face downtime or hardware failure as one of the many connected nodes will take over. With a dedicated server, the risk of hardware failure and downtime is there.
Scalability – Resources like RAM, storage, computer power, etc. can be scaled depending on the requirements in case of a cloud server. But, with a dedicated server, specifications are rigid therefore scalability of resources is rather difficult.
Security – A cloud server provider is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of data and website as a whole. But with dedicated servers, you have to deploy essential measures for safeguarding confidential and sensitive information.
Cost efficiency – With cloud based hosting you can pay-as-you-go. That means you literally pay only for the resources you actually used. However, the resources for cloud servers such as SQL storage, bandwidth, disk space etc. are relatively expensive. With dedicated servers these resources are cheaper and available in abundance. Cloud servers maintain hourly resource billing system but with dedicated servers – a monthly bill is generated irrespective of the resources used throughout the month.
Control – In cloud hosting, control largely remains with the service provider. With a dedicated server, the user has complete control over programs, applications, performance, etc..

One of the many upsides of a dedicated server is that it’s easy to upgrade. You can add on hardware as the need arises. Therefore, the possibilities are limitless and you can go on to host as many sites as you wish by adding more resources.

There is no setup fee. But, there are some servers where you may have to pay some amount upfront in order to bring down monthly charges. Get in touch with our experts today for more details.

Once you have placed and verified your order, we will build and deploy a dedicated server as soon as possible. Upon successfully verification, you can expect the server up and running within 1-2 days.

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